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'Off Season' Weddings/Incentives

In Michigan and Ohio (at least), peak wedding season is typically May thru October. This 6 month stretch keeps wedding coordinators, officiants, florists, photographers, caterers, and venues quite busy.

Inevitably however, the 'lull' comes upon us-and this is usually November thru April. While business can (and does) definitely slow down here in the midwest, there are ways to keep business fresh, and in preparation for the busy months ahead.

1. Consider offering an incentive for couples to marry during off season months. I for instance, am offering a $50.00 off incentive for all weddings taking place in November-January that book with me.

2. Start taking notes about how you can refresh your website, business ads, cards, etc.

3. Do not lose the momentum. Get out there-shake hands, take other vendors out to lunch/coffee. Attend bridal shows.

4. Work on new material (for officiants). Write new ceremonies, come up with interesting and new ideas.

5. Stay positive, and enjoy the break. The busy months will be here before you know it!

6. Send thank you cards to the couples that you did business with during peak months.

7. Consider doing a community talk about the nature of your business.

8. Pay attention to who is getting engaged around the holidays. This is the most popular time to get engaged-so those are definitely couples to target.

Happy peak wedding season, and 'off season'!

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